Hackstub's Stammtisch

[The hackerspace will be closed for the Christmas holidays and will resume on Friday 7 January 2022 at 7pm.]
We are a group of technology enthusiasts who recognize ourselves in the hacker ethic and culture. Our community meets every Friday night at the Hackstub to share questions, practices, ideas and aesthetics, and contribute locally to the construction of new free and common cyberspaces. Hackstub intends to give, to any person or collective in demand, the means to learn about Libre digital tools and networks while developing a political and ethical awareness. The hackerspace, as a place for open experimentation, offers the possibility to work on projects, to exchange and think on a computer science emancipated from proprietary software and hardware, and from commercial or social surveillance technologies.

We love to discover new people, new ideas or new projects, feel free to come and discuss in a friendly atmosphere!
Access to the hackerspace and participation in the proposed activities are subject to the respect of a charter, addressed to both users and members of the association. Please read it before coming!